• How to Choose the Right Kitchen Appliances for Your Home

    After you have set a budget and a vision for the kitchen, it's time to start researching specific appliances. You will need to consider the different brands and distinguishing factors of each category in order to find the best appliances that meet your needs.

    Open Box Appliance can help increase your home's energy efficiency and save money, while also reducing environmental impact. Our article on the Energy Efficient Kitchen offers tips for choosing and positioning appliances to maximize energy efficiency.

    Range or Cooktop

    The most important decision you will make when designing your kitchen is whether to have a separate cooktop, wall oven(s), or free-standing range that integrates the oven and cooktop in one appliance. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages depending on your kitchen's use. A range might be more convenient for you if you prefer to cook on the stovetop but finish in the oven. Freestanding ranges can be more cost-effective and are easier to set up. If you have several cooks, a separate zone with a cooktop or a wall oven may be more suitable. Your kitchen layout and space limitations may dictate your decision. A small kitchen or open kitchen might not allow for a separate wall oven.

    Range or Cooktop

    The fuel options for cooktops are either gas, electric radiant, or induction. There are similar choices in sizes, configurations, and accessories available as well as ranges. Induction and electric radiant cooktops have a seamless appearance, with optional flush installation. They are also easier to clean than traditional gas cooktops. Induction cooktops are the most efficient choice. They transfer electromagnetic energy quickly to pans and bring them up to temperature much faster than any other method. Induction cooktops require that you use high-quality ferrous metal cookware. The heat is transferred only by magnetic interaction between the pans and the coils.

    Speed cooking Ovens

    Our Advantium is a hybrid microwave and convection oven. The Advantium combines high-intensity microwave energy with ceramic and radiant cooking elements with high-intensity, high-intensity Halogen light. This allows you to quickly cook the outside of food while simultaneously heating the inside. Speed cooking ovens can be used to accommodate busy lives and are a great option for those who need the versatility of a double oven in a smaller space. You can choose between 240V or 120V models if you decide to upgrade to a speed cooker oven.

    Speed cooking Ovens


    Proper ventilation, whether it is via a wall-mounted, island, or downdraft system, not only removes steam and heat from your kitchen but also cleans your cabinets and appliances. The fan's ability, in cubic feet per hour (CFM), to move air is one of the most important characteristics to look for when choosing a ventilation system. The recommended rate for venting is 1 CFM per 100 BTUs heat output from your range or cooktop. If your cooktop output exceeds 60,000 BTUs, then you might consider a 600 CFM hood. You should also consider other features such as lighting, warming lamps, and utensil shelves that will enhance their functionality in the kitchen.


    First, choose one of these installation types when choosing a fridge for your kitchen.

    • Freestanding: These refrigerators can be seen from many angles and often have large capacities. They are also easy to move if your design changes. They are not flush with the kitchen countertop when they are installed.
    • Built-in: These units are typically taller than the freestanding ones, but they fit flush with your countertop depth to create a seamless look.
    • Columns and Fully Integrated: These units are so seamless into the design it is difficult to tell them apart from the rest.


    These three options come in different sizes and capacities to suit your individual food storage needs.


    After you have decided on the installation type, it is time to think about the configuration of your refrigerator. French door models that have a bottom freezer, as well as the popular side-by-sides, require less door swing space. They also make it easier to access the freezer for children than top freezer models. If you have the space and layout to accommodate large families, you might consider upgrading to an all-freezer next to your refrigerator for extra storage capacity.


    When choosing a dishwasher, consider the style. Choose a finish that matches your other appliances. While most dishwashers can be installed flush to the kitchen countertop, custom panels or integrated dishwashers that match your cabinets are becoming a popular design choice. Next, consider cleaning features. You should look for dishwashers that offer a range of cleaning options and cycles to suit your cleaning needs. If your family uses frequent washing cycles, look for models with different capacities or soil levels. For entertainers, you might also consider models with stemware holders and cycles for fine china. You'll also want to compare the types of racks and jets depending on what dishes you will be cleaning.


    The dishwasher's noise level when it is running is one of the most important aspects to consider. Dishwasher noise levels can be rated in decibels. The quieter the dishwasher, the lower its decibel rating will be. For the quietest performers, look for a rating of 45 decibels and below.

    It is worth taking the time to research the appliance's features and create a design plan before you start shopping.

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  • Choosing Major Kitchen Appliances

    While major kitchen appliances are fun to choose, homeowners need to consider their family and lifestyle before making a decision. Be prepared to list your preferred appliances if you are hiring a designer. This will help them determine how space and traffic patterns will be affected. This information will be important to many designers as it will affect the design and shape of the rest.


    Upgrades to Dishwasher

    Over the years, dishwashers have seen a lot of changes. They are now quieter and less annoying than their predecessors. Look out for models with hidden control panels built into tops of doors and stylized paneling to keep the appliance from standing out. Stainless-steel interiors and quieter motors reduce dishwasher noise, which is crucial for open-plan kitchens or those with adjoining entertaining spaces.

    There are many options for buying multiple dishwashers. This is a rising trend in kitchen remodels and kitchen renovations. Peter Salerno, a New Jersey-based certified kitchen designer and owner of Peter Salerno Inc. says that fifty percent of his clients have at least two dishwashers. One dishwasher can clean while the other is filling with dirty dishes for larger families and homes that entertain.

    Dishwasher Technology & Sizing

    If you are looking for cutting-edge technology, homeowners should look out for efficiency, faster cycles, and advanced features that cut down on time and fuss. The SmartDispense dishwasher from GE holds 45 ounces of detergent and releases automatically with each load. Jenn-Air's 3-tiered dishwasher by Jenn-Air, featuring adjustable racks and a washing-arm under each rack, is a new standard in dishwasher design.

    American-made dishwasher models are standard 24 inches wide. This means that if you're replacing an older unit, it may not be necessary to reconfigure the space. Check the dimensions of European models if you are interested in them as they tend to be narrower than American counterparts.

    Cooktop Features

    Cooktops (formerly called stoves) are now completely independent of ovens. This allows for more flexibility and features. Because they cater to gourmet chefs, commercial cooktops are increasingly popular in residential kitchens. The high-end gas stovetops have low-level BTU output settings that can be used to cook light sauces and melt chocolates. This allows for maximum control for precise cooking. For consistent heating and high-precision, look for burners that have an inner and outer flame.

    The new residential units are closely following their commercial counterparts in terms price and features. Make sure you do your research. While electric residential cooktops are less expensive than gas, they will not be as precise as gas ones. The size of a cooktop can vary from 30 to 38 inches in width, but can be up to 48 inches if a grid is added.

    A cooktop island allows the entertainer to address the guests and take the cooking to the table. Induction cooking and other emerging technologies such as downdraft ventilation can reduce the need for overhead fans. Induction cooking is where a pot or pan made of magnetic material interacts with the magnetic field generated by the coils on the cooking hob, creating a current inside the pot or pan. The surface of the pot or pan heats up the food and cooks it, while the inside remains cool. The entire system is completely flame-free.

    Stove Exhaust

    An essential component of any kitchen is the exhaust system. The size of the exhaust system should be equal to the size of the stove/cooktop. The cubic feet per minute (cfm) is the measurement of exhaust systems. The system's exhaust capability is greater the larger the stove. For example, a 36-inch stove should have a minimum 800 cfm system. A 48-inch stove would need between 1000 and 1200 cfm. To ensure that your exhaust system complements and matches the stove it serves, consult with your designer or certified dealer.

    Standard and convection ovens

    There are two types of ovens: conventional and convection. Convection ovens can be more expensive because they have blowers that circulate heat faster and even cook. Two ovens are becoming the norm in modern kitchens. Salerno believes that the double oven is crucial. Two ovens are essential for every kitchen. They can be wall-mounted or installed below the cooktop and provide greater flexibility and cooking capabilities.

    Warming drawers are a popular feature in modern kitchen designs. To maintain the texture and temperature, heated drawers can be adjusted from 0 to 175° Fahrenheit. Warming drawers can be purchased for anywhere from $800 up to $1,400. They are useful additions to kitchens that receive a lot of usage and prepare large or complicated meals for families or guests.

    Refrigerator Repair

    There are three types of refrigerators: built-in, top-and bottom, side-by-side. While personal taste is important, the refrigerator size should be considered when choosing a style. A unit that holds 21-25 cubic feet may be sufficient for a family of four, but a refrigerator that holds 27-32 cubic feet might be enough for a larger family. Although storage can be measured in cubic feet the unit's width will determine the placement options. The family's needs will determine the size of the refrigerator. However, it is important to not skimp on the fridge.

    Think about the placement of additional features such as ice makers and water dispensers when considering other features. For example, a paneled refrigerator won't work well with an external water dispenser because spills can cause damage to the paneling.

    A rising trend is the addition auxiliary fridge/freezer drawers. These units under-the-counter can be used as beverage centers, or to store excess items that are not in the freezer or fridge. A nice perk for busy kitchens is to reduce traffic through the chef’s space. Salerno states that a beverage drawer can be used to keep children out of the kitchen and the primary fridge.

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